Bach Flowers

A simple and pure form of healing using the healing and transforming power of nature to bring about a renewal of positive energy and a feeling of well-being.

The 38 remedies were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's. Each of the remedies addresses a particular negative emotional state such as anger, fear, loneliness for example; turning the negative aspect of the emotion back to the positive.

Through a consultation process the practitioner determines the most appropriate combination of remedies to match the unique personality and needs of the client.

Because we all react differently to any given circumstances the consultation process is critical in establishing the correct personal remedy for you the client.

The Remedies

The remedies are safe for people of all ages, have no adverse side-effects, and may be taken alongside other medication.

The most commonly recognised remedy is Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of 5 of the Bach Flowers.

This is used as a first-aid remedy; extremely useful helping in an emergency / crisis, or stressful everyday situations such as physical trauma, stressful

interviews,dental visits, receiving bad news, grief, settling exam nerves etc etc. It restores calm and peace to one's whole system.

It is well known that emotional imbalances such as stress, worry, anxiety, all have the potential to create physical problems if they remain unaddressed.

E.G . Persistent worry may lead to a stomach ulcer ; stress may lead to a heart attack or digestive problems etc.

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